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Problems in art

I know how I want something to look but I don’t know to execute it. Last October in our long drive from Brisbane to Canberra as we got closer to Yass we passed through the beautiful, fertile farmland. For the very first time there were lots of canola crops, they were magnificent, the strong colours of yellow and green. It was breathtaking in its beauty. I want to capture the scene in a painting. I have tried numerous  times to capture it but have not been successful. Any ideas?

i though that maybe like Jenie Fawckner, whose work I adore, I could do the canola in shapes of colour. Check out her instagram account, her work is breathtaking wonderful.

38690747 - spring summer background canola field and blue sky

Canola field.



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Bradshaw Paintings

abo1Another night in the National Park, leaving early the next morning  and although the road was in the process of being graded, it still had some rocky parts and was a very bumpy ride.We stop at an aboriginal rock painting area just before we got to the main road. The paintings date back 60,000 years which is at least five times older than the Egyptian pyramids. According to Indigenous legend, the paintings – discovered by Joseph Bradshaw in 1891 – were created by birds using their tail feathers.  The place itself had a very peaceful and serene feeling, it would have been great to spend a lot more time there.

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Beginning Our Trip

Today is the day that we start our Tag-Along -Tour. We had a very fast trip from Brisbane to Alice Springs, we fleeting saw things that we would like to have a better look at, so in the future we will have to do it at a more leisurely pace.

Impressions of Alice Spring.

It was such a surprise to drive into the city, it is surrounded by dramatic red rocky hills. You drive in  through a startling gap in the ranges called ‘Ntaripe’ by local Aboriginal people, or ‘Heavitree Gap’ by many locals. Once you’re in the town, it’s very easy to get around. The streets in the central part of the town form a grid that’s only four blocks at its widest, which means you can walk just about anywhere in the central business district in less than 10 minutes. It has a a seventies look about it, the shopping centres are build around there parking areas and the buildings have a close up appearance, worried about security?   We found a vibrant, buzzing area in Todd Lane. Where there were many colourful art galleries and coffee shops. We spend a pleasant hour there looking and drinking coffee.

grahamWaiting to start

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Starting Again

Deciding on colours for the blog has led to many enjoying hours searching websites for inspiration. I found this picture, not sure where it came from as I ended up finding in ‘things I like’ folder on my hard drive.


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