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Interesting topic ‘Twisted’, I was thinking a large old tree with twisted roots. Living in a hot climate there are lots of examples of beautiful trees around our city. Just as I was starting to draw, my grand daughter came into the room to see what I was doing and she suggested the game ‘Twister’ and was happy to pose for the picture, so the topic was decided.

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Australia Day

Happy Australia Day! The face of Australia is changing and it is wonderful.When I grew up the majority of children in my school were of Irish and English heritage, there were a few of European decent, but they were small in number, as the majority of the migrants stayed in the city. I grew up in a middle size country town. All of my children have chosen partners from different countries. My grandchildren are the first-generation of what I feel will be the new Australia, a true blending of different cultures.

riya4Two of my beautiful grandchildren

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The mornings start very early for me, usually 5 or 5.30am, as I love listening to Spencer on the local ABC station. This morning he was talking about what he would wish for in 2013, he wished for less anger in the world. He wasn’t talking just about road rage but the anger that has been in all facets of our lives. He emphasises particularly politices and I totally agree with him. The negativity that is shown in day to day operations really makes you lost faith in the people that govern this country. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our pollies could show more tolerance and say when they have got things wrong and acknowledge when something has worked and has been good for the general population. We teach our children to show tolerance, to share, to be kind to other people , to listen……..maybe we could all learn from our children.

My beautiful grandson.

My beautiful grandson.

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‘We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.

The thought of ‘Thanksgiving’ brings a warm glow, it sounds like a wonderful time to gather together to celebrate and acknowledge all your gifts. Although we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in  Australia, Christmas creates a similar feeling. It is when all the family gathers together. It is a time to celebrate, a time to reflect and just to enjoy.

So why the chicken? When I was a child most families had chickens in their backyards.  A lot of time was spend looking after the chickens and tending the vegetable garden. We as children we were very aware of where our food came from and shared in tending to the gardens and chickens. As Christmas time was consider to be such a special time, one of the chickens would lose its head to provide a very delicious dinner. My father would pick which chicken it would be and then he did the act with an axe and a block. It is a very strong memory, not an unpleasant one but just a reality of life.


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Starting Again

Deciding on colours for the blog has led to many enjoying hours searching websites for inspiration. I found this picture, not sure where it came from as I ended up finding in ‘things I like’ folder on my hard drive.


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