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You can almost forget that the rest of the world exists when you are out in the bush. No news, no Internet connection, although there was great excitement when we went pass the Granite Mine has all our emails downloaded, the connection lasted for ten minutes. I have found the landscape startling, it varies so much and there has been plenty of rain recently so every thing has a tinge of green. Brenda (has a love for flora) and is great at identifying plants. All the wattle are flowering and so far we have seen four different varieties. She has also pointed out bush tomatoes which I will have to google to find out what they taste like and which ones you can eat. We have also for the very first time saw feral camels and donkeys. The camels were large family group with lots of young ones.

Our camp sites have been; the 19th a Bush camp on the Tanami Road – very basic and the road trains at night were noticeable, the 20th was at Coomarie Springs on the Lajamanu road to Kalkarindji (Wave Hill) – this was a stunning spot a little rocky but no problem for the TVAN, we had morning tea at Wilson Creek was was an even better site which our trip leader said had been the target for the camp the night before. The 21st was a true bush camp on the N.T. Side of the border with W.A. – we strickly drove off the road by 100 meters and camped in Savannah type country. The 22nd was at Hall’s Creek to allow some showers and washing after 3 nights in the bush.


Camping at Coomarie Springs


Bush Tomato

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