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Problems in art

I know how I want something to look but I don’t know to execute it. Last October in our long drive from Brisbane to Canberra as we got closer to Yass we passed through the beautiful, fertile farmland. For the very first time there were lots of canola crops, they were magnificent, the strong colours of yellow and green. It was breathtaking in its beauty. I want to capture the scene in a painting. I have tried numerous ┬átimes to capture it but have not been successful. Any ideas?

i though that maybe like Jenie Fawckner, whose work I adore, I could do the canola in shapes of colour. Check out her instagram account, her work is breathtaking wonderful.

38690747 - spring summer background canola field and blue sky

Canola field.



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Finding art again

Art has always been part of my life, as a child and teenager I spend many hours drawing. My drawings when I reflect back on it was of the things that I knew, reflections of my life and they were always colourful and bright.

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